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the old & the new

I haven’t updated in ages, I know, but the job has sapped a lot of time that I would’ve spent on the blog! As some of you know, I’m moving to San Francisco in a month or so and I’ll be taking some time to figure out my next steps. Whether that’s another architecture job or animation grad school, I don’t know yet! I do know that I’ll have some time to pursue what I love, so the blog might get a bit more love ❤

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Tiffany, who’s also of course the model of the shoot. This shoot was done a shamefully long time ago — sometime last fall? — and I feel really guilty about not posting it until now. And now Tiffany looks completely different!!! (Just kidding!) But I feel it’s almost appropriate to post it now, because she JUST graduated today and I’m sure my great friends in the Class of ’11 are all thinking profound thoughts about the past and the present and what the bold, exciting future will bring…

This shoot juxtaposes the past and the present of a single individual, and seeks to show that wherever we are in our lives — whether living in the warm, innocent glow of childhood or in the confused yet ambitious, ladder-climbing years of our twenties and thirties — there’s a core to everyone that stays consistent, that we can always hope to revisit. The colorful, carefree self that seemed to shine most in our childhoods may, instead of being forgotten, serve as a bridge between our past and present, reminding us that we can all stay young at heart — if we want to.


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I’m really excited to announce that my fashion photos have been published in an international print magazine called Style-ology! Their twelfth issue is released this month, and included a 7-page spread of five images from a shoot I did in December. Its theme is “Where the Wild Things Are.”

You can view all five photos in the magazine online:

Or order a print issue! (At least for me, the thought of holding a photo of mine torn out of a magazine is just too much for me to grasp at the moment…)


Before I began work in late December, I piled on a ton of shoots for the purpose of submitting the images to contests hosted by publications. Where there’s greater return (chance for publicity and tear sheets), there are higher quality professionals willing to work harder, driven by a sense of competition that also infuses each shoot with a certain excitement. That was my main reason for doing them; I honestly never expected real publication to be the result.

At times, the stakes are higher as well. The team comes expecting to meet professionals of high standard, which means you (and your equipment, which can fail at the worst of times) have to be at the top of your game. For this shoot, so many things could have gone wrong but miraculously didn’t. The feathery outfits, while gorgeous, were very fragile and could have been ruined in transport. The cold weather — models were wearing dresses sheerer than lingerie in 33 degrees — could have worn us all down or, at best, make the models look like they’re freezing, teeth chattering and all, in the photos. I could have forgotten to print out the permit I’d gotten for shooting in Central Park (Very likely). But although I was nervous about things going wrong and intimidated by working with such experienced, talented individuals, every single member of the team met the challenges head on and performed more beautifully than I would have ever expected. With determination, mutual respect, and a little adrenaline, the shoot came together.

The Rundown

Alex London was the very down-to-earth and talented clothing designer, who took meticulous care creating everything from a Victorian style gown layered with lace to three (or four? five?) densely feathered collars and handmade jewel-studded nails. He and his friend, the makeup artist Lisa Jarvin, pulled an all-nighter sewing, creating matching accessories, and readying each of seven (seven!) outfits. The models — oh, the models — were both gorgeous and so, so brave. Could you wear the things they were wearing in freezing weather, with wind chill, for an entire day from 10am to 4pm? You wouldn’t want to, I know. But Sabina and Nelly did and modeled with inspiration. Instructed to put their mind into a “wild” mindset, and to embody territorial, alert, majestic, and proud birds (depending on the shot), they did exactly that and more.

In a last minute twist, the makeup artist Lisa — a true artist! — became a third model because there were so many outfits created for the shoot and not enough daylight to showcase them all. The story, I think, is made better by the three of them. An extra image of Lisa (black and white on a hill) is included below, which the magazine initially asked to publish but ultimately couldn’t because they needed additional ad space.

I had a really great time doing the shoot, and hope you enjoy the photos! I don’t have much time to shoot anymore because of work, but I believe it will all calm down soon. In any case, I’ll always find time to be behind a camera whether it’s for fashion or not (:

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baiyu’s shoot

Hi all! So I’m going to try to get caught up with this backlog of photos.

A few weeks ago I did a shoot with the beautiful Sara Chen, Princeton ’08, who’s an extremely talented singer, songwriter, and dancer recently signed with JMD/INgrooves/Universal as “Baiyu” — a huge congratulations to her! We did this shoot to produce possible promotional materials that she could use in the future — I’d also really wanted to try an edgier, slightly more glamour oriented shoot as well that might appeal to the R&B crowd but, at the same time, maintains a style that’s my own.

I got a team together full of talented people, including an awesome wardrobe designer, Mali, who’s so young but has started her own very successful line of intensely bright, unique womenswear. If you’re at all interested in the clothes below, please do check out her line, MUS:

We all climbed onto my friend Will’s apartment roof on a bright Sunday afternoon and — after I successfully managed to keep the intense rooftop sun from blowing out all my highlights — took some time to admire the scenic Manhattan skyline — and then got to shooting! Afterward, we made a short stop at the pier right outside of Will’s place (gorgeous location in Williamsburg by the way) and got a few great shots there as well. More like, we forcefully stormed into and took some fishermen’s turf. Imagine: twenty or so fishermen lazily waiting by their lines and discussing bait (and stuff like that), and a fashion photography crew barges in, model and all, and starts fast-motion posing in front of them. I guess some of the guys enjoyed it, but that guy definitely didn’t enjoy it when I accidentally stepped on and got all tangled up in his fishing line. Sorry, guy!

Oh, and there’s a surprise shot in an elevator — who knew you could squeeze high fashion into such a tight spot? Without inspiring the ire of building security? I didn’t!

Here are the pics — enjoy!

And remember to check out these awesome sites!
MUS by Maliro:
Anatalia Hair & Makeup:
Diana Jimenez Makeup:

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I apologize for the lateness of this update! There have been a few larger projects that have taken most of my time to edit, but I should be getting to the rest of the shoots after Thanksgiving. Before I forget — happy, happy Thanksgiving!

I staged a shoot a few weeks ago right in Princeton University. It was a full-day affair and I had the pleasure of working with some really talented individuals: the friendly and successful model Jennifer (who so kindly agreed to work with us last minute after my original model canceled!), Rebecca the talented make-up and hair stylist, and Devon, a wardrobe stylist who really has an eye for what looks fresh and makes all of her clothes. I basically then took over my friend John’s (spare) room for the day, converting it into a makeup and fitting room, and shuttled everyone back and forth from each shoot location. I’ve never been so thankful that Princeton has a small, pedestrian-oriented campus. Translation: no cars running me over while I’m hauling a 5-foot light stand. I even made a Wa-run at noon — and I was literally booking it. Who knew I’d be coming back after graduating and doing (almost) the same things?

I’ve submitted the images to a fashion mag whose leak issue comes out in January and whose premier issue comes out in the Spring of next year. SO that means two things: 1) I probably won’t be hearing back in a while, and 2) I’m not supposed to be releasing the images to the public.

But whatever. It’s not like the magazine creators read my blog. Anyway, if I officially call this a preview and only show a few images I should be f — Yeah this sort of over-thinking never got me anywhere. For now, I present to you the three looks that are featured in the shoot, which carries a “Traveler Over Land and Sea” storyline. I’ll definitely elaborate when I can release the rest of the photos!

Don’t you forget how beautiful Princeton is in the fall?

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Protected: castle in the sky

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safe haven

The San Francisco shoots continue!

This was a shoot for the beautiful Kitty, who just happened to be visiting the Bay all the way from Calgary, Canada. It was quite a coincidence that she found me — because I had switched locations on my contact information, she had thought I was a San Francisco native before we actually met. This led to some confusion as to why I was just as unfamiliar with the area as she was. “As for locations, I’ll definitely look to you since you know this place much better than I do!” she says. Emmmm, yes, I’ll Google Map it! I reply.

Later, I found out that she had been going through some rough times in Calgary and spontaneously flew out to San Fran to get away from things for awhile. And what better place to seek a bit of refuge than the Bay? Some might start spouting a million other locations, but after she told me her story, I began to doubt any other spot would have been as idyllic. Tropical beaches would have been too isolated; ski resorts would have been too restricting. In San Fran she met new friends, had what she called a “spiritual” photo shoot (: and was randomly given flowers on the street at the end of the weekend. Most importantly, she felt healed before heading back home.

It seems like a story from a novel (Eat, Pray, Love? Actually I’m speaking nonsense — I haven’t even read that book) — but this story is true. And that’s what makes this photo shoot that much more meaningful and affecting for me, and I hope for all of you as well!

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golden gate

I’m back on the East Coast!

My stay in San Francisco was fantastic. There is no wonder why everyone I have met loves the City by the Bay — it is absolutely beautiful and completely interconnected with the body of water it lies beside. Maybe these feelings are sure-fire signs of a tourist, but even the fog that so often envelopes the skyline and laps at the shore is romantic to me.

So when my shoot with the lovely Brenda — which was planned to be located at an historical fort directly below the Golden Gate Bridge — fell on a densely foggy day, I didn’t think this a disadvantage at all. Instead of crisp views of the famous red bridge above us, we ascended the brick fort — whose color seems gleaned from the bridge’s rusty hues — and instead faced huge, majestic beams rising slowly into foggy whiteness. It served as an infinitely more intriguing backdrop, I thought, than completely clear, revealing views.

I worked with the very talented Hector, our wardrobe stylist and current fashion school student. Although he styles mostly menswear, he provided wonderfully sharp and androgynous pieces that, coupled with the soft femininity of the model, lent the shoot unique tension. Brenda, a very friendly and talented commercial and fashion model, was a pleasure to work with and was also quite the trooper — wind speeds were off the charts, leaving the whole crew freezing in our boots throughout the entire shoot. Many thanks also to my friend James who managed to hold steady a large, flat reflector that acted like a sail in a hurricane — I still don’t know how you did it!

Presenting my Golden Gate Fashion Shoot, as a photography short!

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Back on the East Coast I had packed my bags one early morning and set out for Williamsburg, New York — scenically set right beside the winding East River — to meet with my next model Jess. After being offered a cup of coffee and a few moments playing with her two gorgeous Angora-mix cats, we began an ambitious full day, 4-outfit shoot.

The epitome of the modern, young businesswoman, she works crazy hours every week but still finds the time to work out and look sharp. I drooled as we looked over a few of her well-chosen recent purchases, which included a brilliant cascading necklace from J.Crew (pictured in the “Water” shots) and magazine-feature-worthy armor jewelry from her friend Sandee. The armor jewelry ended up being a springboard for an entire chapter of the shoot!

I would encourage you to check out Sandee’s awesome designs here:

The shoot focuses on the versatility of the modern woman. She is everywhere at once and must shift her mindset to accommodate the changing chapters of her day. Like the Chinese elements, her fast-paced life requires her to cycle through phases — fresh-faced and tender in the morning (water), polished and sharp for work (fire), innovative and daring for a night out (metal), comfortable and relaxed when lounging at home (earth).

Here, our model’s outfit switches reflect the less literal shifts of a woman’s attitude and appearance throughout the day. But like the elements, all of these personalities ultimately combine to form one balanced individual.

This particular girl is just — how do we say — more versatile than most.

Check out the rest of the pictures at her Facebook album here.

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mochi spread

My Mochi magazine spread is out! I think everyone involved did a great job. I’m wondering if I can get some images in addition to the ones in the spread — I remember there were a few cool ones by a motorcycle (mm, feather anklets!) and such. I’ll let you all know if I end up getting to see some more of them.

Click here for the spread.

Click here to read the related blog entry.

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grand central

I am currently in sunny San Francisco, and it’s quite beautiful here — although the lack of tall trees and deep green (the color, in general) takes some getting used to. I’ve been hanging out in Mark’s office — which is full of computer engineers — so luckily I do not need my own adapter as there are adapters galore. And since I can’t contribute with my extensive knowledge of programming, I have had, basically, a lot of time to edit pictures.

So I bring you Paloma Maria’s shoot! I couldn’t have done this without my lovely friend and assistant, Christine, so many thanks to her as well.

Paloma’s a beautiful model from the Dominican Republic looking to build her portfolio in the US, and perhaps jumpstart her modeling career in the American fashion capital of New York. She’s taken part in beauty contests and commercial modeling in her home country, and all before the age of 18. She’s only planning on being in the US until late October, so I was lucky enough to be able to shoot her before both she and I left for other parts of the world.

We brought back 1940s glamour, and chose the beautiful, old Grand Central Terminal as our set. Built in the early 1900s, Grand Central is the largest train station in the world by number of platforms. The entire architectural work, designed in the Beaux Arts style by Warren and Wetmore, features a central sculpture supporting an ornate clock, which displays the Roman God Mercury surrounded by Hercules and Minerva. When it was unveiled, it was the largest sculptural group in the world.

Wrap a girl in black velvet and satin gloves; deck her with gold, pearls, a tulle hat; (find a time machine) and you might get something like this.

For photography rates in the tri-state area (glamour shots, portraits, and fashion), please see my personal site:

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