Posted by: alyceinwonderland | September 25, 2010

high line

Yesterday, I high-tailed it to High Line Park in downtown New York and did quite an amazing fashion shoot with a model friend of mine. I was lucky to have scoped out the place earlier this summer (although I didn’t know I was scoping at the time!) — so that I could mold the shoot’s concept to the location.

The High Line is a dreamy place. Railroad tracks floating meters above the concrete city below, with a warm sunset turning everything it touched to gold — from the rustling plants in sidewalk gardens to the supple wood planks beneath my feet. Looking at the hazy skyline to the West, I felt like the mood was set for a fairy tale.

Enter the (slightly magical) traveling musician. I dusted off the violin that I hadn’t touched since senior year of high school, and assigned it the new role of fashion prop. Not to objectify you, violin, but I’m objectifying you. We chose the brightest lit spot on that long winding track-in-the-sky and began our story.

My rates for portrait, fashion photography, and glamour shots:



  1. These shots are beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks Liutong!!

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