Posted by: alyceinwonderland | October 8, 2010

grand central

I am currently in sunny San Francisco, and it’s quite beautiful here — although the lack of tall trees and deep green (the color, in general) takes some getting used to. I’ve been hanging out in Mark’s office — which is full of computer engineers — so luckily I do not need my own adapter as there are adapters galore. And since I can’t contribute with my extensive knowledge of programming, I have had, basically, a lot of time to edit pictures.

So I bring you Paloma Maria’s shoot! I couldn’t have done this without my lovely friend and assistant, Christine, so many thanks to her as well.

Paloma’s a beautiful model from the Dominican Republic looking to build her portfolio in the US, and perhaps jumpstart her modeling career in the American fashion capital of New York. She’s taken part in beauty contests and commercial modeling in her home country, and all before the age of 18. She’s only planning on being in the US until late October, so I was lucky enough to be able to shoot her before both she and I left for other parts of the world.

We brought back 1940s glamour, and chose the beautiful, old Grand Central Terminal as our set. Built in the early 1900s, Grand Central is the largest train station in the world by number of platforms. The entire architectural work, designed in the Beaux Arts style by Warren and Wetmore, features a central sculpture supporting an ornate clock, which displays the Roman God Mercury surrounded by Hercules and Minerva. When it was unveiled, it was the largest sculptural group in the world.

Wrap a girl in black velvet and satin gloves; deck her with gold, pearls, a tulle hat; (find a time machine) and you might get something like this.

For photography rates in the tri-state area (glamour shots, portraits, and fashion), please see my personal site:



  1. WOW! I had no idea you were so talented!

  2. haha Thanks Liz! I really love your work as well; you’ve totally inspired the way I do my own makeup and other people’s (including this model’s!) — Maybe we could even collaborate sometime xD

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