Posted by: alyceinwonderland | October 14, 2010


Back on the East Coast I had packed my bags one early morning and set out for Williamsburg, New York — scenically set right beside the winding East River — to meet with my next model Jess. After being offered a cup of coffee and a few moments playing with her two gorgeous Angora-mix cats, we began an ambitious full day, 4-outfit shoot.

The epitome of the modern, young businesswoman, she works crazy hours every week but still finds the time to work out and look sharp. I drooled as we looked over a few of her well-chosen recent purchases, which included a brilliant cascading necklace from J.Crew (pictured in the “Water” shots) and magazine-feature-worthy armor jewelry from her friend Sandee. The armor jewelry ended up being a springboard for an entire chapter of the shoot!

I would encourage you to check out Sandee’s awesome designs here:

The shoot focuses on the versatility of the modern woman. She is everywhere at once and must shift her mindset to accommodate the changing chapters of her day. Like the Chinese elements, her fast-paced life requires her to cycle through phases — fresh-faced and tender in the morning (water), polished and sharp for work (fire), innovative and daring for a night out (metal), comfortable and relaxed when lounging at home (earth).

Here, our model’s outfit switches reflect the less literal shifts of a woman’s attitude and appearance throughout the day. But like the elements, all of these personalities ultimately combine to form one balanced individual.

This particular girl is just — how do we say — more versatile than most.

Check out the rest of the pictures at her Facebook album here.


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