Posted by: alyceinwonderland | October 24, 2010

golden gate

I’m back on the East Coast!

My stay in San Francisco was fantastic. There is no wonder why everyone I have met loves the City by the Bay — it is absolutely beautiful and completely interconnected with the body of water it lies beside. Maybe these feelings are sure-fire signs of a tourist, but even the fog that so often envelopes the skyline and laps at the shore is romantic to me.

So when my shoot with the lovely Brenda — which was planned to be located at an historical fort directly below the Golden Gate Bridge — fell on a densely foggy day, I didn’t think this a disadvantage at all. Instead of crisp views of the famous red bridge above us, we ascended the brick fort — whose color seems gleaned from the bridge’s rusty hues — and instead faced huge, majestic beams rising slowly into foggy whiteness. It served as an infinitely more intriguing backdrop, I thought, than completely clear, revealing views.

I worked with the very talented Hector, our wardrobe stylist and current fashion school student. Although he styles mostly menswear, he provided wonderfully sharp and androgynous pieces that, coupled with the soft femininity of the model, lent the shoot unique tension. Brenda, a very friendly and talented commercial and fashion model, was a pleasure to work with and was also quite the trooper — wind speeds were off the charts, leaving the whole crew freezing in our boots throughout the entire shoot. Many thanks also to my friend James who managed to hold steady a large, flat reflector that acted like a sail in a hurricane — I still don’t know how you did it!

Presenting my Golden Gate Fashion Shoot, as a photography short!


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