Posted by: alyceinwonderland | November 4, 2010

safe haven

The San Francisco shoots continue!

This was a shoot for the beautiful Kitty, who just happened to be visiting the Bay all the way from Calgary, Canada. It was quite a coincidence that she found me — because I had switched locations on my contact information, she had thought I was a San Francisco native before we actually met. This led to some confusion as to why I was just as unfamiliar with the area as she was. “As for locations, I’ll definitely look to you since you know this place much better than I do!” she says. Emmmm, yes, I’ll Google Map it! I reply.

Later, I found out that she had been going through some rough times in Calgary and spontaneously flew out to San Fran to get away from things for awhile. And what better place to seek a bit of refuge than the Bay? Some might start spouting a million other locations, but after she told me her story, I began to doubt any other spot would have been as idyllic. Tropical beaches would have been too isolated; ski resorts would have been too restricting. In San Fran she met new friends, had what she called a “spiritual” photo shoot (: and was randomly given flowers on the street at the end of the weekend. Most importantly, she felt healed before heading back home.

It seems like a story from a novel (Eat, Pray, Love? Actually I’m speaking nonsense — I haven’t even read that book) — but this story is true. And that’s what makes this photo shoot that much more meaningful and affecting for me, and I hope for all of you as well!


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