Posted by: alyceinwonderland | November 23, 2010


I apologize for the lateness of this update! There have been a few larger projects that have taken most of my time to edit, but I should be getting to the rest of the shoots after Thanksgiving. Before I forget — happy, happy Thanksgiving!

I staged a shoot a few weeks ago right in Princeton University. It was a full-day affair and I had the pleasure of working with some really talented individuals: the friendly and successful model Jennifer (who so kindly agreed to work with us last minute after my original model canceled!), Rebecca the talented make-up and hair stylist, and Devon, a wardrobe stylist who really has an eye for what looks fresh and makes all of her clothes. I basically then took over my friend John’s (spare) room for the day, converting it into a makeup and fitting room, and shuttled everyone back and forth from each shoot location. I’ve never been so thankful that Princeton has a small, pedestrian-oriented campus. Translation: no cars running me over while I’m hauling a 5-foot light stand. I even made a Wa-run at noon — and I was literally booking it. Who knew I’d be coming back after graduating and doing (almost) the same things?

I’ve submitted the images to a fashion mag whose leak issue comes out in January and whose premier issue comes out in the Spring of next year. SO that means two things: 1) I probably won’t be hearing back in a while, and 2) I’m not supposed to be releasing the images to the public.

But whatever. It’s not like the magazine creators read my blog. Anyway, if I officially call this a preview and only show a few images I should be f — Yeah this sort of over-thinking never got me anywhere. For now, I present to you the three looks that are featured in the shoot, which carries a “Traveler Over Land and Sea” storyline. I’ll definitely elaborate when I can release the rest of the photos!

Don’t you forget how beautiful Princeton is in the fall?


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