Posted by: alyceinwonderland | December 3, 2010

baiyu’s shoot

Hi all! So I’m going to try to get caught up with this backlog of photos.

A few weeks ago I did a shoot with the beautiful Sara Chen, Princeton ’08, who’s an extremely talented singer, songwriter, and dancer recently signed with JMD/INgrooves/Universal as “Baiyu” — a huge congratulations to her! We did this shoot to produce possible promotional materials that she could use in the future — I’d also really wanted to try an edgier, slightly more glamour oriented shoot as well that might appeal to the R&B crowd but, at the same time, maintains a style that’s my own.

I got a team together full of talented people, including an awesome wardrobe designer, Mali, who’s so young but has started her own very successful line of intensely bright, unique womenswear. If you’re at all interested in the clothes below, please do check out her line, MUS:

We all climbed onto my friend Will’s apartment roof on a bright Sunday afternoon and — after I successfully managed to keep the intense rooftop sun from blowing out all my highlights — took some time to admire the scenic Manhattan skyline — and then got to shooting! Afterward, we made a short stop at the pier right outside of Will’s place (gorgeous location in Williamsburg by the way) and got a few great shots there as well. More like, we forcefully stormed into and took some fishermen’s turf. Imagine: twenty or so fishermen lazily waiting by their lines and discussing bait (and stuff like that), and a fashion photography crew barges in, model and all, and starts fast-motion posing in front of them. I guess some of the guys enjoyed it, but that guy definitely didn’t enjoy it when I accidentally stepped on and got all tangled up in his fishing line. Sorry, guy!

Oh, and there’s a surprise shot in an elevator — who knew you could squeeze high fashion into such a tight spot? Without inspiring the ire of building security? I didn’t!

Here are the pics — enjoy!

And remember to check out these awesome sites!
MUS by Maliro:
Anatalia Hair & Makeup:
Diana Jimenez Makeup:


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