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I’m really excited to announce that my fashion photos have been published in an international print magazine called Style-ology! Their twelfth issue is released this month, and included a 7-page spread of five images from a shoot I did in December. Its theme is “Where the Wild Things Are.”

You can view all five photos in the magazine online:

Or order a print issue! (At least for me, the thought of holding a photo of mine torn out of a magazine is just too much for me to grasp at the moment…)


Before I began work in late December, I piled on a ton of shoots for the purpose of submitting the images to contests hosted by publications. Where there’s greater return (chance for publicity and tear sheets), there are higher quality professionals willing to work harder, driven by a sense of competition that also infuses each shoot with a certain excitement. That was my main reason for doing them; I honestly never expected real publication to be the result.

At times, the stakes are higher as well. The team comes expecting to meet professionals of high standard, which means you (and your equipment, which can fail at the worst of times) have to be at the top of your game. For this shoot, so many things could have gone wrong but miraculously didn’t. The feathery outfits, while gorgeous, were very fragile and could have been ruined in transport. The cold weather — models were wearing dresses sheerer than lingerie in 33 degrees — could have worn us all down or, at best, make the models look like they’re freezing, teeth chattering and all, in the photos. I could have forgotten to print out the permit I’d gotten for shooting in Central Park (Very likely). But although I was nervous about things going wrong and intimidated by working with such experienced, talented individuals, every single member of the team met the challenges head on and performed more beautifully than I would have ever expected. With determination, mutual respect, and a little adrenaline, the shoot came together.

The Rundown

Alex London was the very down-to-earth and talented clothing designer, who took meticulous care creating everything from a Victorian style gown layered with lace to three (or four? five?) densely feathered collars and handmade jewel-studded nails. He and his friend, the makeup artist Lisa Jarvin, pulled an all-nighter sewing, creating matching accessories, and readying each of seven (seven!) outfits. The models — oh, the models — were both gorgeous and so, so brave. Could you wear the things they were wearing in freezing weather, with wind chill, for an entire day from 10am to 4pm? You wouldn’t want to, I know. But Sabina and Nelly did and modeled with inspiration. Instructed to put their mind into a “wild” mindset, and to embody territorial, alert, majestic, and proud birds (depending on the shot), they did exactly that and more.

In a last minute twist, the makeup artist Lisa — a true artist! — became a third model because there were so many outfits created for the shoot and not enough daylight to showcase them all. The story, I think, is made better by the three of them. An extra image of Lisa (black and white on a hill) is included below, which the magazine initially asked to publish but ultimately couldn’t because they needed additional ad space.

I had a really great time doing the shoot, and hope you enjoy the photos! I don’t have much time to shoot anymore because of work, but I believe it will all calm down soon. In any case, I’ll always find time to be behind a camera whether it’s for fashion or not (:



  1. Congratulations! The photos are stunning, well done! The mag’s double spreads are particulairly impressive 😉

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