Posted by: alyceinwonderland | May 31, 2011

the old & the new

I haven’t updated in ages, I know, but the job has sapped a lot of time that I would’ve spent on the blog! As some of you know, I’m moving to San Francisco in a month or so and I’ll be taking some time to figure out my next steps. Whether that’s another architecture job or animation grad school, I don’t know yet! I do know that I’ll have some time to pursue what I love, so the blog might get a bit more love ❤

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Tiffany, who’s also of course the model of the shoot. This shoot was done a shamefully long time ago — sometime last fall? — and I feel really guilty about not posting it until now. And now Tiffany looks completely different!!! (Just kidding!) But I feel it’s almost appropriate to post it now, because she JUST graduated today and I’m sure my great friends in the Class of ’11 are all thinking profound thoughts about the past and the present and what the bold, exciting future will bring…

This shoot juxtaposes the past and the present of a single individual, and seeks to show that wherever we are in our lives — whether living in the warm, innocent glow of childhood or in the confused yet ambitious, ladder-climbing years of our twenties and thirties — there’s a core to everyone that stays consistent, that we can always hope to revisit. The colorful, carefree self that seemed to shine most in our childhoods may, instead of being forgotten, serve as a bridge between our past and present, reminding us that we can all stay young at heart — if we want to.



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