fashionblog_picMy name is Alyce. I’m a recent graduate from Princeton University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Architecture, and hope to ultimately make a career in architecture. I am currently a freelance fashion and portrait photographer operating mostly in New York City.

I love all of the arts, and I guess it might have been written in the stars. My dad is a graphic designer. My mom is a fashion designer. The visual world is something that I immerse myself in: I seek to understand things in images.

Fashion is a love and a hobby, and something that I’ve come to love in the past few years. The beginning of this blog is also the start of my own education in the field, as I’ll be doing a lot more browsing and a lot more research than I normally would. Hopefully by the end I will have learned much about fashion, and about my own tastes.

My personal website can be found at www.alycetzue.com.

Feel free to email me at alyce.tzue@gmail.com.

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